One of the great things about the Noom program is that you don’t have to cut anything out of your diet to eat healthier and even lose weight. Craving ice cream? Can’t live without peanut butter? That’s OK, as long as you eat these calorie-dense foods in moderation.

With Noom, foods are categorized as green, yellow, or red, based on their calorie density and how nutritious they are. Green foods (like vegetables and fruit), as well as yellow foods (like low-fat dairy, beans, and lean meat), should make up the bulk of your diet. Red foods, on the other hand, are both calorie dense and, often, less healthy. So, while they aren’t off limits, you do have to be careful about how much of these foods you eat.

Some red choices, like sweets, fried foods, butter, or mayonnaise, are obvious — but others might take you by surprise. We’ve compiled a handy list of red foods you’ll need to keep an eye on if you want to achieve your goals.

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