Fitness Workout for Women
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Before any workout—and especially a high intensity one!—it’s important to prepare your body. Depending on the type of workout you’re about to do and any muscle imbalances or recovering injuries you have, a proper warm up will vary. In general though, you want to include some light-to-moderate cardio to gradually increase the heart rate and some dynamic (active) stretches for joint mobility.

This 5-minute warm up is made with the at-home workouts I post to my blog in mind. We’ll start with two minutes of cardio bodyweight exercises and then move onto active stretches for a functional range of motion.

For more information on warm ups and workout ideas to do afterwards, check out my blog:

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A GENTLER WARM UP, I have a toned down version of this video. No jumping during the cardio and a slower allover pace:





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